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About me
Hello! I'm Jane. My trainer career started 12 years ago, when I was getting a degree in physical education. All my life I'm fond of physical exercises and active games. I have a rich background of sport competitions. I like to feel strength in my muscles, to control every little movement of my body and I enjoy helping people to become stronger. I'm proud of hundreds of my students who did improve not only their bodies, but their lives.
Professional skills
High sport education
I am a winner of National Tournament 2007, 2013, 2014
12 years of experience of working with teenagers and adults
Additional education in stretching and nutrition
Constant self-improvement and hard discipline
Personal training
Boxing and martial arts
There are special programs for advanced athletes and beginners. Just let me know your level and purpose of training and I will create a unique program for you!
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Boxing and martial arts
Detailed description
Body fit and weight control
Everyone is unique so I create special programs for all my clients according their qualities, goals and opportunities. But what we all have in common is that we all can be fit, healthy and happy.
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Body Fit and weight control
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Preparing for competitions
This is a special program for advanced athletes. As a professional athlete and a winner of different competitions I know everything about it and I will show you how to get the best result. Let's work out together!
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Preparing for competitions
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If you are under rehabilitation or have some problems with your body this program is for you. Gently I will help you to get better.
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My clients about personal trainings
exercise program
I pay attention to all the features of your body and lifestyle and create the most effective program just for you
As a multiple winner of many competitions I used to achive the goal. My work approach is "a goal of my client is my goal" so all my clients get a desired result
Nutrition program
We consist of what we eat. I help my clients to get a better result via healthy food and a balanced meal plan
Trainer's support
All my clients are important for me. When I work with them I pay 100% attention, use all my knowledge and skills
Group classes
August - September, 2020
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