How much does the project cost?
There are different prices for each package. Once you order your desired package, you'd see the price for the selected package. Provided you do not require extra services, you pay exactly the price of the package you choose. An 100% deposit is required before your order can be processed.
What does the content updates cover?
Content updates for any of our selected packages include the addition or replacement of text and images on your website. Ad hoc updates and special services are also available on request for additional fee. However, content update does not include customized changes to your website design, adding and configuration of new functionalities/pages.
Are there any hidden costs in the packages?
No! You pay exactly for what a package includes. When you fill your order, you'd see the clearly stated fee for extra services not covered in the selected package. The costs involved in getting your website running is a one-time payment for your selected package and the recurring costs for your annual domain name and web hosting renewal after the first year.
Do you require a deposit?
Before we can take on your project, we require a 100% non-refundable deposit. This deposit will be put towards the final cost of your site.
How can I update my website?
After the work is complete, we'll transfer you the rights to your account. You can update the site by yourself. However, we can also help to take this off your plate. Simply subscribe to our Website Support package and we'll do all updates for you monthly.

How can I pay for the package?
When the order form is completed you'll be able to pay right on our website using the available methods of payment.
What are the annual fees for the website?
Your payment for the package covers your domain name and hosting for a year after which you'd have to pay a recurring fee yearly to cover the domain name and hosting. The annual fee for the domain name ranges from SGD 30 to SGD 90 per annum while the website hosting is between SGD 140 and 170 per year, if you use our hosting service.
What is an informational website?
As the name suggests, an informational website gives your target audience some basic information about you, your business and the services you render. It contains photos and texts, but cannot be used for payment for transactions. If you want to have this option, you can order it as an add-on to any package.
What if I don't have pictures for my site?
Don't be bothered! We know a lot of places where we can get pictures for your site. We will only use the pictures with "Creative Commons" rights so you do not risk being penalized for using intellectual property. So no Google photos, we promise!
If you want more details on the Creative Commons license, you can find it here.

Is there a space limit for my website?
The space limit of 1 GB for a site is included. if you happen to need more we'll calculate it on a one-by-one basis.
Can your company still handle my hosting and domain name after one year?
You can either choose a Domain distributor company, buy a domain and we'll enable this domain for your site or you can pay to us and we do all this work for you. You just need to decide which kind of domain you want to have whether a *.com or *sg and the period of availability of this domain.

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